In Speed Drawing: Realistic Human Eye – Pencil Drawing

A Realistic Human Eye Pencil Speed Drawing By Tyler Lucas

Did this once before in my sketch book. Came out ok so I did it again and made a speed drawing from it.

I used Staedtler pencils.
Started with 4h for laying in the ground work. Worked in layers gradually working my way all the way to 9b for the absolute dark parts.
Indent stylus for white lines in iris. Needle point makes indents in paper which keeps that area white.
Blending stumps to smooth out tones.
2 types of erasers. the pink one and a click advance one. Its called Tuff Stuff. Has a very firm eraser in it for accurate erasing. Used that for highlights within iris.

Song: Beautiful Moments
Artist: Ryan Farish
Farish Music International (BMI)
Licensed with permission, RYTONE Entertainment

You can view the final image here on my deviant page.

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